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Below are case studies from some of our clients:

Georgia Accessibility Rally

Microsoft Accessible Software Design Competition

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Many web developers, marketing professionals, IT consultants and other business advisors find themselves trying to deliver quality software

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Introduction to Web Accessibility:


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Butler New Media is a Web Development firm specializing in the creation of accessible web and IT Solutions. Our core competencies are in the area of Section 508 Compliance, Marketing, and Consulting. Butler New Media is well positioned to become a market leader because it understands that the web is a universal medium which should be open to all people regardless of disability. Our staff is comprised of real people with disabilities who offer a unique perspective on technology that cannot be matched by a non-disabled person.Currently Federal Law mandates that all Government Electronic & Information Technology be accessible to people with disabilities. We believe in taking this one step further. All websites developed by Butler New Media will be tested for accessibility using both manual inspection, automated tools and real disabled users.